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TVSC Class of 2017 at the TVSC Dinner Dance - Amand Sarubbi, Natalia Giunta, Peter Sanders, Keelin Friberg, Logan Gregory, Chris O'Shea, Meaghan McNair, Nicole Visintin and Andrew Stange

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TVSC Graduating Senior Andrew Stange was awarded the Metro LSC Len Galluzzi Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations!

April 15, 2017
Andrew Stange Breaks Two Long Course Team Records
Spring Kick-off Ivite at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual Results       Meet Results

60 TVSC athletes raced 306 times and swam 253 best times -- 83%! Total time improvement 1,207 seconds, or more than 20 minutes! New time standards: 1 'AAA' times, 6 'AA' times, 8 'A' times, 71 'BB' times, and 50 'B' times. New qualification times: 3 Zone Sr Champs cuts, 2 Zone Sr Bonus cuts, and 6 JO cuts.

More Highlights

New Team Records:  For 17-18 boys, Andrew Stange broke Zach Kaplan's 2014 50 free record and he broke his own 100 free team record from 2016.

All Best Times:  Anna Albert, Arthur Bances, Sergei Boudreau, Neil Boyle, Amy Chen, Ava Emmerich, Edward Freudenberg, Eren Goral, Timofey Kayran, Zander Klaric, Declan Kubik, Sabrina Lisica, Ryan Matheson, Jenna Mond, Lila Monti, Ethan Placencia-Espinal, Sofia Primak, Giuliana Vavalle, Brennyn Veit, Jacqueline Vinciguerra, Shuping Wang, Derek Xikis, Danny Zeng, Ethan Cybulski, Chase Boals, Jack Dillon, Deaglan Farrell, Jacob Field, Hanna Matheson, Sean Muller, Shane Muller, Claudia Retzlaff, Kayla Seale, and Peter Sloniewsky.

Zone Sr Champs cuts:  Cameron Kubic (100 fly, 50 free B-cut), David He (50 free, 200 breats, 100 breast B-cut).

New 'AAA' standard:  Andrew Stange.

New 'AA' standards:  Cameron Kubik (2), David He (3), and Chris Stange.

New JO Cuts:  Amy Chen, Sabrina Lisica, Jack Dillon, Chris Stange (2), and Charlie Shemet.

Mostly Best Times:  Adam Albert, Richie Chiarella, Richie Hall, Cameron Kubik, Emma Libohova, Noah Mond, Stephanie Alvarez, Abbie Dimaculangan, David He, Anna Libohova, Chris Stange, Waela Van Nostrand, Owen Gavigan, Kacey McGorry, Sarah Seale, and Kevin Xu.

New 'A' standards:  Amy Chen (2), Danny Zeng (3), Chris Stange (3).

New 'BB' standards:  Arthur Bances (4), Sergei Boudreau (2), Neil Boyle (3), Amy Chen, Ava Emmerich (2), Timofey Kayran (4), Zander Klaric (4), Declan Kubik, Sabrina Lisica (6), Jenna Mond (4), Lila Monti (3), Ethan Placencia-Espinal (2), Giuliana Vavalle (5), Brennyn Veit, Jacqueline Vinciguerra, Shuping Wang (2), Danny Zeng (3), Ethan Cybulski, Chase Boals (2), Jack Dillon, Jacob Field, Hanna Matheson, Claudia Retzlaff (3), Peter Sloniewsky (2), Richie Chiarella, Richie Hall (2), Emma Libohova, Noah Mond (2), Stephanie Alvarez, Kacey McGorry, Erica Lin, Kiera Mutarelli (2), and Victoria Bogdanski.

New 'B' standards:  Arthur Bances, Sergei Boudreau (4), Neil Boyle (2), Ava Emmerich (4), Edward Freudenberg (2), Eren Goral (2), Timofey Kayran (2), Zander Klaric, Declan Kubik (2), Ryan Matheson (3), Ethan Placencia-Espinal (4), Brennyn Veit, Jacqueline Vinciguerra (4), Shuping Wang (4), Derek Xikis (2), Ethan Cybulski (3), Deaglan Farrell (2), Sean Muller (2), Shane Muller, Kayla Seale, (2), Peter Sloniewsky, Richie Hall, Stephanie Alvarez, Anna Libohova, Waela Van Nostrand, Kacey McGorry, Matthew Chan (2), Erica Lin, Emily Yang, and Josh Louser.

April 13, 2017
Emily Herr Breaks Three Long Course Team Records
Long Island Challenge April 28-30 at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual Results       Meet Results

38 TVSC athletes competed in their first long course meet of the season. They raced 175 times and swam 125 best times -- 71%. Total time improvement 515 seconds, or more than 8 minutes. New time standards: 2 'AAAA' times, 6 'AAA' times, 26 'AA' times, 41 'A' times, and 7 'BB' times. New qualification times: 1 Senior Zone Champs cut, 2 Senior Zone Bonus cuts, 8 Age Group Zone cuts, and 26 JO cuts.

More Highlights

New Long Course Team Records:  Emily Herr broke Alyssa Brennan's 2003 50 fly team record by 0.9 sec with a 34.0. Emily also broke Jenna Birkmire's 2002 100 fly team record by almost 5 seconds with a 1:16.5 and she broke Alyssa Brennen's 2003 200 IM record by over 1 second with a 2:54.9.

New 'AAAA' standards:  Emily Herr (50 & 100 fly).

New Senior Champs Zone cuts:  Luka Zuric (100 back), Emily Bardak (400 free bonus cut), Sydney Boals (50 & 200 free bonus cuts).

New Age Group Champs Zone uts:  Emily Herr (50 free, 50 & 100 breast, 200 IM), AvaGrace Monti (100 breast), Bella Dimacula ngan (50 free), and Colin Veit (50 back).

All Best Times:  Sydney Boals, Emily Herr, Hannah Lin, AvaGrace Monti, Olivia Schlegel, Vinnie Vinciguerra, Noah Giunta, Nicholas Londono, Antonio Vavalle, Isabel Xu, Thomas DeMaio, James Monahan, Ryan Sommerstad, Richie Chiarella, Chase Boals, Marissa DeMarco, and Abbie Dimaculangan.

New 'AAA' standards:  Sydney Boals, Emily Herr (3), AvaGrace Monti, and Luka Zuric.

New 'AA' standards:  Sydney Boals, Emily Herr, AvaGrace Monti (2), Olivia Schlegel (2), Thomas DeMaio, James Monahan (3), Ryan Sommerstad, Jessica Chen (3), Bella Dimaculangan (5), Colin Veit (3), Emily Bardak (2), Jake Vecchio, and Cj Pergan.

New JO Cuts:  Sydney Boals, AvaGrace Monti, Vinnie Vinciguerra (2), Noah Giunta (3), Ryan Sommerstad (2), Bella Dimaculangan (3), Hunter Emerson, Henry Shemet (4), Colin Veit (3), Emily Bardak, Jake Vecchio, Logan Gregory, Cj Pergan, Ryan Kaplan (2).

Mostly Best Times:  Jessica Chen, Bella Dimaculangan, Hunter Emerson, Hope Farrell, Henry Shemet, Colin Veit, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Emma Canudas, and Brendan Williams.

New 'A' standards:  Sydney Boals, Hannah Lin, AvaGrace Monti (3), Olivia Schlegel (2), Vinnie Vinciguerra (3), Noah Giunta (4), Nicholas Londono (3), Antonio Vavalle (4), Isabel Xu, Thomas DeMaio (2), Ryan Sommerstad, Richie Chiarella (2), Chase Boals, Marissa DeMarco, an, Henry Shemet (2), Colin Veit, Kaitlyn Ehlers (2), Emma Canudas (2), Angelina Harris, Jake Vecchio, Cj Pergan, Ryan Kaplan, and Kyra Sommerstad.

New 'BB' standards:  Sydney Boals, Hannah Lin (2), Olivia Schlegel, Nicholas Londono, Henry Shemet, and Ryan Kaplan.

TVSC Class of 2017 at Counties - Chris O'Shea, Logan Gregory, Andrew Stange, Meaghan McNair, Amanda Sarubbi, Keelyn Friberg, and Nicole Visintin

April 10, 2017
2017 Suffolk County Championships at Nassua Aquatic Center
TVSC Finishes Third Behind Winner LIE and Runner-up Hills
Two Individual and Four Relay Team Records Broken

Individual Results

At the end of a 32 week long short course season 107 athletes competing at Counties still swam 225 best times! Total time improvement 250 seconds, or more than 4 minutes. New time standards: 6 'AAAA' times, 5 'AAA' times, 6 'AA' times, 10 'A' times, and 20 'BB' times. New qualification times: 8 Sectional cuts, 6 Senior Mets cuts, and 8 JO cuts.

More Highlights

High Point Winners:  Emily Herr (10 & U girls) and Kyra Sommerstad (13-14 girls).

New Individual Team Records:  Kyra Sommerstad broke Emily Bardak's 13-14 girls 100 fly record from February 2016 by 0.2 seconds and as the lead-off swimmer, David He broke Shaun Armstrong's 2002 (15 years old) boys 15-16 50 free record by 0,1 sec.

New Relay Team Records:  Kyra Sommerstad (bk), Riley Gavigan (br), Angelina Harris (fl), and Sydney Boals (fr) broke 13-14 girls 200 Medley Record by Kyra Sommerstad, Riley Gavigan, Angelina Harris, and Kiersten Clancy by almost 3.6 seconds!!

Angelina Harris, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Sydney Boals, and Kyra Sommerstad broke 13-14 girls 200 free relay record from 2007 by Alyssa Brennan, Shannon Lampe, Taylor DaSilva, and Christina Simonetti by 1.7 seconds!!!

Chris O'Shea (bk), David He (br), Luka Zuric (fl), and Adrew Stange (fr) broke the 2015 15-18 boys 200 medley records from Zach Kaplan, Alec Huner, Andrew Stange, and Evan Zou by 3.2 seconds!!!

David He, Andrew Stange, Chris O'Shea, and Luka Zuric broke the 2015 boys 15-18 200 free relay by Chris O'Shea, Evan Nilsson, Evan Zou, and Zach Kaplan by 2.7 seconds!!!.

Event Winners:  Emily Herr (100 IM, 50 fly, 50 breast), Hanna Matheson (50 back), Hunter Emerson (100 breast), Angelina Harris (100 breast), Kyra Sommerstad (100 back, 200 IM, 100 free), Chris O'Shea (100 back), Andrew Stange (100 fly, 100 free).

Event Winners:  13-14 Girls 200 Medley and 200 free relays, 15-18 boys 200 free relay.

Sectional Cuts:  Sydney Boals (100 breast, 200 IM), Riley Gavigan (100 back), Sidney Judson (200 IM), Cameron Kubik (100 free), Kyra Sommerstad (100 free, 100 fly), Andrew Stange (100 breast).

New 'AAAA' standards:  Kyra Sommerstad (100 free), Emily Herr (100 IM), Luka Zuric (200 IM), David He (200 IM), Andrew Stange (100 fly, 200 IM).

New Sr Mets Cuts:  Riley Gavigan (100 fly), Kyra Sommerstad (100 fly), Cameron Kubik (200 IM), Logan Gregory (100 back), Sidney Judson (100 breast), and Brendan Williams (100 free).

Barrier Breakers:  breaking 1 minute: Antonio Vavalle (100 free), Kyra Sommerstad (100 fly), Charlie Shemet (100 back), and Andrew Stange (100 breast).

All Best Times:  Danny Zeng, Ava Emmerich, Thomas DeMaio, Lila Monti, Derek Xikis, Kevin Xu, Deaglan Farrell, Keelyn Friberg, Kylie Kramer, Kacey McGorry, Adam Albert, Emmanuella Alexandre, Alyssa Casalinuovo, Emma Libohova, Noah Mond, and Sean Muller.

New 'AAA' standards:  Riley Gavigan, Kyra Sommerstad, Emily Herr, David He, and Angelina Harris.

New 'AA' standards:  Kaitlyn Ehlers, Charles Shemet, Hunter Emerson, Hanna Matheson, Logan Gregory, and Andrew Stange.

New JO Cuts:  Kevin Xu, Kylie Kramer, Noah Giunta, Charles Shemet (2), Antonio Vavalle, Meaghan McNair, and Vincent Vinciguerra.

Mostly Best Times:  Noah Giunta, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Hannah Lin, AvaGrace Monti, Jack Dillon, Ryan Matheson, Charles Shemet, Kate Sommerstad, Shuping Wang, Giuliana Vavalle, Sabrina Lisica, Claudia Retzlaff, Eren Goral, Karsten Pergan, Julia Slezak, Sydney Boals, Hunter Emerson, Riley Gavigan, Kyra Sommerstad, Anna Albert, Hannah Brockman, Francesca Pellegrino, Henry Shemet, and Christopher Stange.

New 'A' standards:  Noah Giunta (2), Kaitlyn Ehlers, Hannah Lin, Jack Dillon, Brianna Cybulski (2), Antonio Vavalle, Vincent Vinciguerra, and James Monahan.

New 'BB' standards:  Danny Zeng (2), Ava Emmerich, Lila Monti, Kevin Xu, Adam Albert, Emmanuella Alexandre, Noah Mond, Jack Dillon, Kate Sommerstad, Julia Slezak, Anna Albert, Francesca Pellegrino, Xiomara Llerena, Shane Muller, Ethan Placencia-Espinal, Maksim Klaric, Emre Goral, Matthew Chan, and Sofia Primak.

April 10, 2017
2017 Eastern Zone Short Course Age Group Championships
Emily Herr, Hunter Emerson and Sydney Boals Competed for Metro Zone Team
Individual Results

April 4, 2017
Bronze Championships - South
Individual Results       Meet Results

At the next to last short course meet of the season 72 athletes raced 372 times and still swam 243 best times -- 65%. Total time improvement 1,044 seconds, or more than 17 minutes! New time standards: 41 'BB' times, and 38 'B' times.

More Highlights

All Best Times:  Oliver Wu, Peter Sloniewsky, Michelle Wu, Amanda Kranich-Schaefer, Sofia Primak, Joseph Sweeney, Giuliana Vavalle, Jacqueline Vinciguerra, Richie Chiarella, Katherine Karlova, Anna Albert, Carina Cao, Toby Husebo, Kiera Mutarelli, Fiona Parnell, Ethan Placencia-Espinal, Siena Cipriano, Marissa DeMarco, Meghan Donnelly, Richard Hall III, Noah Mond, Shuping Wang, and Bora Karaosmanoglu.

Mostly Best Times:  Ethan Cybulski, Sean Muller, Arthur Bances, Thomas Miele, Jenna Mond, Marc Staiano, Natalie Kwee, Sabrina Lisica, Matthew Miele, Alyssa Casalinuovo, Emre Goral, Zander Klaric, Emmanuella Alexandre, Sophia Genao, Jake Kunzler, Reese Birnstill, Ava Emmerich, Sergei Boudreau, Neil Boyle, Alyssa DeVito, Shane Muller, Michael Muroff, and Emily Raymond.

New 'BB' standards:  Michelle Wu (3), Sofia Primak (5), Joseph Sweeney, Giuliana Vavalle (5), Jacqueline Vinciguerra (2), Richie Chiarella, Anna Albert, Toby Husebo, Kiera Mutarelli (2), Marissa DeMarco (3), Noah Mond, Shuping Wang, Ethan Cybulski (2), Arthur Bances, Thomas Miele, Jenna Mond, Sabrina Lisica (4), Zander Klaric, Emmanuella Alexandre, Stephanie Alvarez, Abigail Dimaculangan, Rebecca Muroff, and Anna Libohova.

New 'B' standards:  Oliver Wu (5), Peter Sloniewsky (2), Michelle Wu (2), Sofia Primak, Fiona Parnell, Ethan Placencia-Espinal (2), Richard Hall III, Ethan Cybulski, Sean Muller (3), Arthur Bances, Thomas Miele (2), Natalie Kwee, Matthew Miele, Alyssa Casalinuovo, Emre Goral (2), Zander Klaric (2), Jake Kunzler, Ava Emmerich (2), Sergei Boudreau (2), Alyssa DeVito (2), Edward Freudenberg, Eren Goral, and Jacob Field.

April 4, 2017
2017 Eastern Zone North Short Course Sectionals at Ithaca College
Brendan Williams Breaks Team Reconds
in 1,000 and 1,650 Free 15-16 Boys

Individual Results
Brendan Williams, Cj Pergan, David He, Sidney Judson, Cameron Kubik, Jake Vecchio, Christopher Stange, Kyra Sommerstad, Riley Gavigan, Luka Zuric, Emily Bardak, and coaches Mark and Peter traveled to Ithaca last weekend for the 2017 Eastern Zone Short Course Sectional meet at the beautilful acquatic center of Ithaca College. This year's Sectionals grew to 1,000 athletes and was very fast, and that meant that Swimming best morning times was often not enough to qualify for finals -- swimming best times in prelim session was required for TVSC swimmers to make it back to finals in many events, which is not easy. Brendan broke the 2014 team records from Evan Nilsson in 1,000 and 1,650 free and finished 9th and 6th in these events and was 7th in B-final in 500 free. Kyra was 5th in 200 back in A-final and won B-final in 400 IM, and made C-final in 500 free. David was 6th in A-final in 200 fly and was 4th in B-final in 200 IM and made C-final in 100 fly and 400 IM. Luka was 3rd in B-final in 200 back and made C-final in 200 free, 100 fly, 400 IM and 200 IM. Emily Emily made C-final in 200 free, 200 fly and 100 free. Riley made C-final in 100 breast. In his first Sectional meet Cj qualified for C-final in 200 back and bettered his prelim time by 0.3 seconds and improved his best time by 0.7 seconds.

March 22, 2017
NSCA SC Junior Champioships - Orlando, Florida
Andrew Stange Finals in 100 & 200 Free & 100 FLy and
Chris O'Shea Finals in 100 Back

Individual Results       Meet Results

Angelina Harris, Ryan Kaplan, Chris O'Shea, Andrew Stange and Coach Mark traveled to Orlando last week for the National Club Swimming Association 2017 NCSA Spring Championships. Angelina bettered her own Team Record in 100 breats by a 0.25 sec. Andrew Stange quailfied for A-final in 200 free and finshed 7th. He also finaled in 100 free (10th) and 100 fly (38th). Chris O'Shea finaled in 100 back and finished 20th. Ryan Kaplan broke the 1 minute barrier in 100 breast (59.9 -0.7 sec), and swam best times in 100 and 200 back.

March 14, 2017
TVSC IMX Rankings through March 12

March 13, 2017
14 & Unders 2017 Short Course Junior Olympics (JOs)
at Nassau Aquatic Center

Cj Pergan JO Champion in 200 Back and Team Record for 10-&-Under Girls 200 Medley Relay
Individual Results       Meet Results

28 athletes swam 63 best times at the 2017 Short Course JOs last weekend. New time standards: 6 'AAA' times, 13 'AA' times, and 3 new 'A' times.

More Highlights

Junior Olympic Champion:  Cj Pergan in 200 back with a personal best of 1:55.9.

New Team Record:  10-&-Under Girls 200 Medley Relay with Hanna Matheson (bk), Marissa Demarco (br), Emily Herr (fl), and Bella Dimaculangan (fr) The girls broke last year's record from Olivia Schlegel, AvaGrace Monti, Emily Herr, and Isabel Xu by 2.5 seconds.

Runner up - Second Place:  Emily Herr (100 fly); 10-&-Under Girls 200 Medley Relay with Hanna, Marissa, Emily, and Bella.

Third Place:  Cj Pergan (400 IM and 100 back); 10-&-Under Boys 200 Free Relay with Thomas Demaio, Ryan Sommerstad, Chase Boals, and James Monahan.

New Sr Mets Cuts:  Sydney Boals (5), and Cj Pergan (1).

New 'AAA' standards:  Sydney Boals, Cj Pergan (2), Emma Canudas, Liam Preston (2).

New 'AA' standards:  Hunter Emerson (4), AvaGrace Monti (2), Bella Dimaculangan (2), Ryan Sommerstad, Emma Canudas, Olivia Schlegel (2), and Vincent Vinciguerra.

All or Mostly Best Times:  Hunter Emerson, Sydney Boals, AvaGrace Monti, Hannah Brockman and Antonio Vavalle.

New 'A' standards:  James Monahan (2), and Noah Giunta.

March 13, 2017
15-18 Age Group Team Challenge at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual Results       Meet Results

New Sr Mets Cuts:  Henry Shemet (100 breast and 200 back).

New 'AA' standards:  Henry Shemet (3), Kiersten Clancy, and Logan Gregory.

All or Mostly Best Times:  Henry Shemet, Jack Dillon, Victoria Bogdanski, and Kylie Kramer.

New 'A' standards:  Kylie Kramer, Henry Shemet, an (2), and Jack Dillon.

March 12, 2017
Freezin' for a Reason - TVSC Raised $1,800 in Polar Plunge

March 6, 2017
8-&-Under Championships at Felix Festa MS in West Nyack
Claudia Retzlaff Wins High-Point 8-year Old Girls

Individual Results       Meet Results

20 of our youngest "athletes-in-training" and their parents traveled to Rockland County for the Metropolitan 8-&-Under Championships at the Felix Festa Middle School pool. They raced 158 times and swam 89 best times!

More Highlights

Mostly Best Times:  Claudia Retzlaff, Kayla Seale, Landon Emmerich, Xiomara Llerena, Julianna Tribble, Angela Wang, Kallie Micena, Jack Pacifico, and Cayden Veit.

New Silver Cuts:  Xiomara Llerena, Maksim Klaric, Lila Monti (2).

New 'BB' standards:  Xiomara Llerena (2), Lila Monti (2).

New 'B' standards:  Kayla Seale (2), Derek Xikis (2).

March 5, 2017
New York State Boys High School Championships
Andrew Stange NY State Champion in 200 Free
Chris O'Shea NY State Champion in 100 Fly

Individual Results       Meet Results

February 26, 2017
Silver Championships - South

Individual Results       Meet Results

86 athletes raced 453 times and swam 248 best times - 55%. Total time improvement 552 seconds, or more than 9 minutes. New time standards: 10 'AA' times, 42 'A' times, and 23 'BB' times.

More Highlights

New Sr Mets Cuts:  Henry Shemet (2).

All Best Times:  Nick Londono, Sophia Genao, Kevin Xu, Christopher Stange, Sydney Boals, Xiomara Llerena, Hanna Matheson, Michael Muroff, Peter Sloniewsky, Hunter Emerson, Arthur Bances, Sergei Boudreau, Ethan Cybulski, Thomas DeMaio, Annabel Dimaculangan, Toby Husebo, Noah Mond, and Joseph Sweeney.

New 'AA' standards:  Sydney Boals, Hanna Matheson (2), Hunter Emerson, Emma Canudas, Brennyn Veit, AvaGrace Monti, Henry Shemet (2), and Hope Farrell.

New JO Cuts:  Nick Londono, Hunter Emerson, Thomas DeMaio, Annabel Dimaculangan, Claudia Retzlaff, Hannah Lin, James Monahan (3), Noah Giunta (2), Timofey Kayran, Ryan Sommerstad, and Natalia Giunta.

Mostly Best Times:  Taylor Dixon, Claudia Retzlaff, Emma Canudas, Stephanie Alvarez, Marissa DeMarco, Jack Dillon, Shane Muller, Hannah Brockman, Hannah Lin, Brennyn Veit, James Monahan, Anna Albert, Ryan Matheson, AvaGrace Monti, Amy Chen, Vincent Vinciguerra, Henry Shemet, Shuping Wang, Ethan Placencia-Espinal, Giuliana Vavalle, Sarah Seale, and Kylie Kramer.

New 'A' standards:  Nicholas Londono, Christopher Stange (3), Sydney Boals, Hanna Matheson, Hunter Emerson, Thomas DeMaio, Annabel Dimaculangan, Taylor Dixon (2), Emma Canudas (5), Stephanie Alvarez (2), Jack Dillon, Hannah Brockman, Hannah Lin (3), Brennyn Veit, James Monahan (2), AvaGrace Monti (3), Vincent Vinciguerra (2), Henry Shemet, Kylie Kramer, Antonio Vavalle, Noah Giunta (2), Olivia Schlegel, Timofey Kayran, Victoria Grosskopf, Ryan Sommerstad, Frankie Pellegrino, and Josh Louser.

New 'BB' standards:  Nicholas Londono (2), Xiomara Llerena, Michael Muroff, Peter Sloniewsky (2), Sergei Boudreau, Taylor Dixon (2), Shane Muller, Hannah Brockman (2), Anna Albert, AvaGrace Monti, Shuping Wang, William Sun, Antonio Vavalle (2), Noah Giunta, Timofey Kayran, Jacob Field, Zander Klaric, and Richard Hall III.

February 22, 2017
2017 Senior Metropolitan Winter Championships
Senior Boys Break 400 Medley and 400 Free Relay
TVSC Team Records

Individual Results       Meet Results

Congratulations to Ryan Kaplan (back), David He (breast), Luka Zuric (fly), and Andrew Stange (free) for breaking the 400 Medley Relay Record by 3 seconds om Sunday, set earlier this season at the Speedo Cup by Chris O'Shea, David He, Jake Vecchio, and Luka Zuric.

Congratulations to Chris O'Shea, David He, Luka Zuric, and Andrew Stange for breaking the 2003 or 14 year old 400 free relay record by 5 seconds tonight, by (Coach) Mike Smit, Travis Brennan, William Fortin, and Shaun Armstrong!

February 22, 2017
Section XI Boys High School State Qualifier Meet

Individual Results       Meet Results

Congratulations to TVSC athletes Luka Zuric (Ward Melville), Brendan Williams (Mount Sinai), Cameron Kubik (Ward Melville), Cj Pergan (Smithtown), Ryan Kaplan (Ward Melville), Jake Vecchio (Comsewogue), David He (Ward Melville) and Chris O'Shea (Rocky Point) for qualifying for the 2017 Boys High School State Swimming and Diving Championships at Nassau Aquatic Center March 3 and 4.

February 12, 2017
Metro LSC Eastern Zone Age Group Championships Qualifier Meet (Zone Quals)

Individual Results       Meet Results

Congratulations to Emily Herr (50 & 100 Fly), Hunter Emerson (200 IM) and Sydney Boals (200 IM) for qualifying to 2017 Metro Zone team.
Hauppauge Swim Club Holiday Prelims / Finals Invite

Individual Results       Meet Results

At last weekend's Prelims / Finals Invite by Hauppague Swim Club 77 TVSC raced 615 times and swam 343 best times -- 56%. Total time improvement 910 seconds, or more than 15 minutes. They achieved 7 new 'AA' times, 32 new 'A' times, 60 new'BB' times, and 25 new 'B' times, New qualification times: 8 Zone Qualifier cuts, 4 JO cuts, and 42 Silver cuts.

Many TVSC swimmers took advantage of the Prelims / Finals meet by qualifying for and competing in finals at night, many for the first time in their young swimming careers. Several swimmers swam real well in finals -- swam faster at finals then during prelims (great job!), but nerves affected performance of several others. However, the only way to learm how to perform in a prelims / finals meet is competing at meets like this. The more finals you swim the more experience you get. For most final swimmers at this meet the next prelims / finals meet will be Counties in April at the end of the Short course season and now they know what to expect. Of course if you scratch finals you never learn and unfortunatly some TVSC swimmers did not take advantage of the oppurtunity to compete in finals.

More Highlights

All Best Times:  Eren Goral, Danny Zeng, Taylor Dixon, Sabrina Lisica, and Kacey McGorry.

New Zone Qualifier Cuts:  Jack Dillon, Hannah Lin (2), Chase Boals (2), and Mar Prieto (3).

New 'AA' standards:  Ryan Matheson, Hannah Lin (2), Kaitlyn Ehlers (2), and Christopher Stange (2).

New JO Cuts:  Chase Boals (2), Christopher Stange (2).

Mostly Best Times:  Hannah Brockman, Edward Freudenberg, Timofey Kayran, Sophia Genao, Sean Muller, Jack Dillon, Anna Libohova, Jenna Mond, Michael Muroff, Emma Canudas, Ryan Matheson, Declan Kubik, Brennyn Veit, Emma Libohova, Peter Sloniewsky, Hannah Lin, Owen Gavigan, Karsten Pergan, Adam Albert, Ethan Cybulski, Enrique Prieto, Zhimin Zheng, Antonio Vavalle, Stephanie Alvarez, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Thomas Miele, Emmanuela Alexandre, Chase Boals, Rebecca Muroff, Sarah Seale, and Olivia Schlegel.

New 'A' standards:  Hannah Brockman, Jack Dillon (2), Emma Canudas (6), Ryan Matheson (3), Hannah Lin (2), Antonio Vavalle, Stephanie Alvarez, Kaitlyn Ehlers (3), Chase Boals (2), Olivia Schlegel (3), Nicholas Londono (2), Richie Chiarella, Charles Shemet (2), Isabel Xu, Keelyn Friberg, and Kate Sommerstad.

New Silver Cuts:  Danny Zeng (4), Taylor Dixon (3), Sabrina Lisica, an (2), Sophia Genao (2), Jack Dillon (2), Anna Libohova, Jenna Mond, Emma Canudas, Ryan Matheson (2), Brennyn Veit, Emma Libohova, Peter Sloniewsky (2), Karsten Pergan, Enrique Prieto, Antonio Vavalle (3), Stephanie Alvarez (3), Rebecca Muroff, Sarah Seale, Francesca Pellegrino, Abigail Dimaculangan, Victoria Grosskopf (2), Noah Giunta, Shane Muller, AvaGrace Monti, Ryan Sommerstad, Isabel Xu, and Josh Louser.

New 'BB' standards:  Eren Goral (8), Danny Zeng (4), Taylor Dixon (3), Sabrina Lisica, an (3), Edward Freudenberg (3), Sophia Genao, Sean Muller, Jack Dillon (2), Anna Libohova, Jenna Mond (3), Michael Muroff (3), Emma Canudas, Ryan Matheson, Emma Libohova, Peter Sloniewsky (2), Owen Gavigan, Karsten Pergan (2), Enrique Prieto, Antonio Vavalle (3), Rebecca Muroff, Sarah Seale, Francesca Pellegrino (2), Abigail Dimaculangan, Victoria Grosskopf, Eric Wang (2), Noah Giunta, Shane Muller, AvaGrace Monti, Ryan Sommerstad, Joe Sweeney, Victoria Bogdanski, Isabel Xu, and Josh Louser.

New 'B' standards:  Sabrina Lisica, Kacey McGorry, Timofey Kayran (2), Sean Muller, Anna Libohova (2), Jenna Mond, Declan Kubik, Emma Libohova (2), Adam Albert, Ethan Cybulski (2), Enrique Prieto (2), Zhimin Zheng (4), Kaitlyn Ehlers, Emmanuela Alexandre, Eric Wang, Waela Van Nostrand, and Peter Sanders.

LIAC Early Bird
Nassau Aquatic Center
June 4

Summertime Classic
Nassau Aquatic Center
June 10-11

PATS Summer Invite
Lehman College Bronx
June 10-11

PATS Firecracker Invite
Lehman College Bronx
July 8-9

Excel Open Water Swim
West Neck
Sunday August 6

Sr Winter National

Chris O'Shea

Jr Summer National

Andrew Stange
Chris O'Shea

Jr Winter National

Andrew Stange
Chris O'Shea
Ryan Kaplan
Angelina Harris
Kyra Sommerstad
Luka Zuric

NCSA Jr National Qualifiers

Emily Bardak
Riley Gavigan
Angelina Harris
David He
Ryan Kaplan
Chris O'Shea
Kyra Sommerstad
Andrew Stange
Brendan Williams
Luka Zuric

Summer Eastern Zone Age Group Championships Qualifiers

Bella Dimaculangan
Emily Herr
AvaGrace Monti
Colin Veit

Eastern Zone LC Senior Championships Qualifiers

Emily Bardak
Sydney Boals
Riley Gavigan
Angelina Harris
David He
Sidney Judson
Ryan Kaplan
Cameron Kubik
Chris O'Shea
Cj Pergan
Henry Shemet
Kyra Sommerstad
Andrew Stange
Chris Stange
Jake Vecchio
Brendan Williams
Luka Zuric

2016 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Tom Luchsinger

2012 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

TVSC alumni:
Tom Luchsinger
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Tom Luchsinger

TVSC alumni:
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Team Member

TVSC alumna:
Julia Smit

2004 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Julia Smit
Mark Hill

2000 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Chris Helin