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October 16, 2018
Ann Wycoff Memorial Meet at Ward Melville Pool
Individual Results       Meet Results

153 athletes raced 859 times and swam 494 best times -- 58%. Total time improvement 1,386 seconds, or more than 23 minutes. New time standards: 3 'AAA' times, 15 'AA' times, 22 'A' times, 41 'BB' times, 56 'B' times, New qualification times: 20 HC cuts, 18 JO cuts, abd 44 Silver cuts,

More Highlights

All Best Times:  Ava Emmerich, Peter Sloniewsky, Adam Albert, Carina Cao, Abby Degeronimo, Sophia Fang, Ryan Kittilsen, Zander Klaric, Tess Micena, Matthew Miele, Thomas Miele, Fiona Parnell, Caroline Price, Alexa Surdi, Julianna Tribble, Oliver Wu, Dasha Zakharova, Pranav Mukhi, Leah Woody, Tom Liu, Claudia Retzlaff, MIchelle Wu, Ella Liu, and Cole Pergan.

New 'AAA' standards:  Vinny Vinciguerra (3).

Barrier Breakers:  Breaking 2 minutes in 200 free Ryan Matheaon and Antonio Vavalle.

New 'AA' standards:  Jackie Vinciguerra (2), Vinny Vinciguerra, Noah Giunta (3), Lila Monti, Liam Preston, Marissa DeMarco, Hanna Matheson, Jessica Chen (2), AvaGrace Monti, Emily Herr, and Brendan Williams.

New JO Cuts:  Ryan Kittilsen, Sabrina Lisica, Timothy Brady (2), Thomas Demaio, Deaglan Farrell, Noah Giunta (2), Lila Monti, Liam Preston, Marissa DeMarco, Annabel Dimaculangan, AvaGrace Monti (2), Emily Herr, Hannah Lin, Olivia Schlegel, and Brendan Williams.

New Holiday Classic Arena Cup Cuts:  Ryan Kittilsen (2), Timothy Brady (3), Thomas Demaio (2), Deaglan Farrell, Noah Giunta, Marissa DeMarco, Hanna Matheson, Annabel Dimaculangan (2), Richard Hall, Ryan Matheson, Antonio Vavalle, AvaGrace Monti (2), Hannah Lin, and Olivia Schlegel.

Mostly Best Times:  Sabrina Lisica, Timothy Brady, Thomas Demaio, Deaglan Farrell, Joseph Monahan, Jacqueline Vinciguerra, Vincent Vinciguerra, Anna Albert, Meghan Brady, Joey Casalinuovo, Alexandra Cole, Katie Duong, olivia gamez, Owen Gavigan, Liam George, Noah Giunta, Sean Kozak, Amanda Kranich-Schaefer, Hantao Lu, Kallie Micena, Lila Monti, David Moshkovich, Liam Preston, Morgan Primak, Genevieve Rochlin, Paulina Tsybysheva, Andrew Wang, SARAH XU, Marissa DeMarco, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno, Amy Chen, Ayush Mojumdar, Shuping Wang, Jacob Field, Hanna Matheson, Lauren Woody, Alyssa Casalinuovo, Annabel Dimaculangan, Jake Donnelly, Meghan Donnelly, Landon Emmerich, Maja Fischbach, Olivia Genao, Richard Hall III, Jake Kunzler, Maxwell Legrady, Daniel Liang, Nicolette Scarpinato, Marc Staiano, Sophia Syritsyna, Natalie Sztorc, Avery Timm, Angela Wang, James Woody, Elizabeth Wright, Matilda Buchen, William Sun, Julian Angland, and Chelsie Zhao.

New 'A' standards:  Ava Emmerich (2), Ryan Kittilsen, Thomas Miele, Timothy Brady (4), Thomas Demaio (2), Noah Giunta, Lila Monti, Marissa DeMarco, Annabel Dimaculangan (2), Richard Hall, Antonio Vavalle (3), Hannah Brockman, AvaGrace Monti, and Olivia Schlegel.

New Silver Cuts:  Peter Sloniewsky, Adam Albert (2), Ryan Kittilsen, Dasha Zakharova, Sabrina Lisica, Deaglan Farrell, Joseph Monahan (4), Jacqueline Vinciguerra, Vincent Vinciguerra, Anna Albert (2), Meghan Brady (5), Kallie Micena (3), Ethan Placencia-Nazareno (3), Amy Chen (3), Shuping Wang (3), Lauren Woody (2), Angela Wang (2), William Sun, Ryan Matheson, Sergei Boudreau (2), Bora Karaosmanoglu, Richard Chiarella, Matthew Chan, and Kylie Kramer.

New 'BB' standards:  Peter Sloniewsky (3), Carina Cao (3), Ryan Kittilsen, Thomas Miele, Sabrina Lisica (2), Deaglan Farrell, Joseph Monahan (3), Anna Albert, Meghan Brady (4), Kallie Micena (2), Marissa DeMarco, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno, Amy Chen (2), Lauren Woody (2), Maxwell Legrady, Angela Wang (2), Sarah Seale, Antonio Vavalle, Sergei Boudreau, Jack Pacifico, Kayla Seale, Abigail Dimaculangan, Anthony Scalia, Sean Muller, Matthew Chan, Sophia Genao, and Kylie Kramer.

New 'B' standards:  Peter Sloniewsky (2), Adam Albert, Zander Klaric (2), Thomas Miele, Caroline Price, Alexa Surdi, Dasha Zakharova (3), Cole Pergan, Joseph Monahan, Meghan Brady, Alexandra Cole (3), Katie Duong (3), Owen Gavigan (3), Sean Kozak (2), Amanda Kranich-Schaefer (3), Hantao Lu (2), Genevieve Rochlin (3), Andrew Wang, Ethan Placencia-Nazareno, Jacob Field, Alyssa Casalinuovo, Landon Emmerich (2), Maja Fischbach (3), Maxwell Legrady, Marc Staiano (2), Natalie Sztorc, Angela Wang, Elizabeth Wright (2), Matilda Buchen, Sergei Boudreau, Cayden Veit (2), Kevin Duong, Brian Veit, and Abigail Dimaculangan.

September 30, 2018
TVSC Wins 2018 Relay Carnival for First Time Since 2002

The last time TVSC won the ASCSC Relay Carnival was in 2002, before most of the current TVSC swimmers were born . . . . Coaches Mike, Emily, Taylor and possible Lauren were relay swimmers for TVSC in 2002, but coaches Joe, Kate and Christina possible never experienced winning a Relay Carnival or Counties.


September 26, 2018
Sachem September Sprint Meet at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual Results       Meet Results

Note that meet qualification times have been omitted from results as meet time standards have not been updated yet.

Barrier Breakers:  Breaking 1 minute for first time Adam Albert in 100 free, Noah Giunta in 100 back and 100 fly.

TVSC athletes, Lila Monti (10), Nick Londono (12), AvaGrace Monti (12), Hope Farrell (14), Anthony Scalia (12), Olivia Schlegel (13), Vinnie Vinciguerra (12) Emily Herr (10) and Jackie Vinciguerra, represented Metropolitan Swimming at the 2018 Easter Zone Age Group Championships in Richmond, Virginia

August 13, 2018
Six Team Records Broken
2018 Long Course Easter Zone Age Group Championships - Richmond - Virginia

Individual Results       Meet Results


In her last 10 & Under meer Emily Herr won Eastern Zone High Point 10 & Under girls. She won the 50 fly, 200 IM and 50 free and was 2nd in 50 & 100 breast and 100 fly.

AvaGrace finaled in 200 breast and finsihed 7th with a BT of 2:53.1 (-2.3 sec). Nick finaled in 50 free and finished 6th in BT of 27.8. Emily, Nick, Vinny and Jackie also helped score points for the Metro Zone team in relays.

New Team Records:  Emily Herr broke four of her own team records set at JOs or earlier this summer: 50 free 30.2 (-0.3 sec), 50 breast 38.5 (-0.6 sec), 100 breast 1:24.1 (-2 sec), and 200 IM 2:39.4 (-3.3); Nick Londono broke two of his own Team Records set at JOs a few weeks ago: 50 free 27.8 (-0.1 sec) and 50 fly 30.1 (-0.3).

New 'AAAA' standards:  AvaGrace Monti (200 breast), and Nick Londono (50 fly).

All or Mostly Best Times:  Jacqueline Vinciguerra, Lila Monti, AvaGrace Monti, Emily Herr, and Nick Londono.

New 'AAA' standards:  Jacqueline Vinciguerra (2).

August 6, 2018
TVSC Girls Win and Combined TVSC Second in Team Competition
2018 Long Course Senior Zone Championship - Buffalo - NY
Five Individual and Five Relay Team Records Broken

Individual Results       Meet Results

12 TVSC National Team athletes, Coach Mark aand Coach Emily traveled to Buffalo for their end-of-the-long-coarse-season Easter Zone Senior Championship meet. With prelims and finals they raced 105 times and swam 58 best times

More Highlights

2019 Summer Jr National Cuts:  Kyra Sommerstad (100 & 200 back, 200 IM).

Eastern Zone Senior Champions:  Kyra Sommerstad (400 IM, 100 & 200 back), Brendan Williams (1500 free), and Girls 400 Medely Relay with Riley, Angelina, Kyra and Sydney.

New Individual Team Records:  Brendam Willimas broke his own 400 free and 1500 free team records set at this meet last summer: -3.8 sec in 400 free - 4:06.2 and -18 sec in 1500 free- 16:13.0; Sydney Boals broke her own 50 free record swam at Sr Mets by another 0.3 sec - 27.3; Kyra Sommerstad broke Julia Smit's 2004 100 back record by 0.3 sec - 1:03.6; Jake Vecchio, Cj Pergan, Henry Shemet and Brendan Williams broke 2017 200 free relay record by Jake Vecchio broke Tom Luchsinger's 2007 100 fly record by 0.15 sec - 56.9 sec.

New Relay Team Records:  Sydney, Angelina, Riley and Kyra broke four LC relay records! Kyra, Riley, Angelina and Sydney broke the 200 free relay record from last month by 1 sec - 1:53.8; Kyra, Riley, Angelina and Sydney broke the 2014 400 free relay record from Nancy Shemet, Sarah Schoenfeld, Casey Gavigan, and Cassandra Willie by 8 sec (!!!) - 4:07.6; Sydney, Riley, Angelina and Kyra broke the 2013 800 free recrod from Cassandra Willie, Casey Gavigan, Alexandra Hutzler and Nancy Shemet by 47 sec (!!!) - 8:50.5; Riley, Angelina, Kyra and Sydney broke their own 400 medly relay record from last month by another 8 sec - 4:23.44 - also a Jr National cut; by Jake Vecchio, Chris Stange, Luka Zuric and Cameron Kubik by 0.5 sec - 1:42.1.

New 'AAAA' standards:  Jake Vecchio (200 free), Riley Gavigan (200 IM, 100 IM), Brendan Williams (100 free), and Sydney Boals (200 IM, 100 free).

All Best Times:  Henry Shemet and Kate Sommerstad.

New LC EZ AG Champs Cut:  Henry Shemet (200 IM, 100 free, 100 fly, 200 breast), Jake Vecchio (200 IM, 100 free, 200 back), Brendan Williams (100 free, 100 back), Sydney Boals (100 breastj, Pergan (100 back), Riley Gavigan (200 back).

July 30, 2018
Nine Individual and Five Relay Team Records Broken
2018 Metropolitan LC Junior Olympics (JOs)
at Nassau Aquatic Center

Twelve TVSC JO Champions

Individual Results       Meet Results

34 athletes raced 173 times and swam 109 best times -- 63%, with a total time improvement 300 seconds, or more than 5 minutes. New time standards: 4 'AAAA' times, 11 'AAA' times, 17 'AA' times, 8 'A' times, and 2 'BB' times. New qualification times: 10 Eastern Zone AG Champs cuts.

More Highlights

Emily Herr High Point winner 10 & Under girls.

New Individual Team Records:  Emily Herr broke six of her own team records set earlier this summer: 50 (-0.2 sec), 100 (-1 sec), 200 (-2.4 sec) and 400 free (-15.7), 100 breast (-2.4 sec), and 50 fly (-0.3); Nick Londono broke his own 50 free record from April by 0.5 sec and Luka Zuric's 2013 50 fly record by 0.4 sec - 30.4; Vinny Vinciguerra broke Luka Zuric's 2013 100 free record by 0.05 sec - 1:01.93.

New Relay Team Records:  Jackie Vinciguerra, Claudia Retzlaff, Lila Monti and Emily Herr broke the 2005 200 Free Relay record from Claudia Coccaro, Jaclyn Ouzounian, Colleen Lampe, and Kelsey Buonaiuto by 7 sec - 2:11.9; Jackie, Claudia, Lila and Emily broke the 2005 200 Medley Relay record from Kelsey Buanaiuto, Jaclyn Ouzounian, Claudia Cocaro and Colleen Lampe by 8 sec - 2:30.4; Lila, Jacqueline, Claudia and Emily set a new TVSC Team Record in 400 Free Relay - 4:59; Anthony Scalia, Timmy Brady, Vinny Vinciguerra and Nick Londono broke the 2014 11-12 boys 200 Medley Relay record from Kevin Xu, Chris Stange, Jake Vecchio andBrendan Williams by 3 sec - 2:11.3; Vinny, Anthony, Timmy and Nick broke the 11-12 boys 200 Free Relay record set in April by 0.1 sec - 1:56.8.

JO Champions:  Emily Herr (50, 100, 200 free, 100 breast, 50, 100 fly, 200 IM); Vinny Viciguerra (100 free); Nick Londono (50 free); Kate Summerstad (200 back); 10 & Under girls 200 medley relay with Jackie, Lila, Emily and Claudia; 11-12 boys 200 free relay with Vinny, Anthony, Timmy and Nick.

New 'AAAA' standards:  Nick Londono (50 free), Emily Herr (400 free), Ryan Sommerstad (400 free), and Vinny Vinciguerra (50 free).

New EZ AG Champs Cuts:  Kathryn Brady (5), Jackie Vinciguerra (2), Lila Monti, Vinny Vinciguerra, and Olivia Schlegel.

All Best Times:  Noah Giunta, Ava Emmerich, Richie Hall, Erica Lin, Antonio Vavalle, Sergei Boudreau, Ryan Kittilsen, Thomas Miele, Lila Monti, Vinny Vinciguerra, Kathryn Brady, Timmy Brady, Hanna Matheson, Nick Londono, Bella Dimaculangan, Emily Herr, AvaGrace Monti, Kate Sommerstad, Hunter Emerson, and Olivia Schlegel.

New 'AAA' standards:  Lila Monti (2), Vinny Vinciguerra (2), Kathryn Brady (3), Nick Londono, AvaGrace Monti, Kate Sommerstad, and Jackie Vinciguerra.

New 'AA' standards:  Antonio Vavalle, Ryan Kittilsen, an, Lila Monti, Vinny Vinciguerra, Hanna Matheson, Bella Dimaculangan (2), AvaGrace Monti, Kate Sommerstad, Hunter Emerson, Olivia Schlegel, Jackie Vinciguerra (3), Claudia Retzlaff, Hope Farrell, and Ryan Matheson.

New LC JO Cuts:  Erica Lin, Timmy Brady, Hanna Matheson, Nick Londono, Bella Dimaculangan (2), AvaGrace Monti (2), Kate Sommerstad, Olivia Schlegel, Jacqueline Vinciguerra, Kevin Xu (2), and Anthony Scalia.

New 'A' standards:  Timmy Brady (2), Hunter Emerson, an, Olivia Schlegel, Giuliana Vavalle, Kevin Xu, Anthony Scalia (2).

10 & Under girls High Point winnner - Emily!

Our 10 & Under girls, Lila, Emily, Claudia and Jackie, broke all three TVSC LC Relay Team Records

Our 11-12 boys, Nick Vinny, Anthony and Timmy broke 200 Free and 200 Medley Relay Team Records

July 23, 2018
Six Individual Team Records Broken
Senior Metropolitan LC Championships (Sr Mets) at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual Results       Meet Results

Unrested,14 TVSC National Team athletes competed in 43 events and swam 26 best times -- 62% and dropped a combined 47 seconds.

Kyra Sommerstad was sixth in High Points for girls.

New Team Records:  David He broke Jonathan Yin's 2012 100 breatst record 17-18 boys by 1.5 sec - 1:07.2. Sydney Boals broke the 2012 15-16 girls 50 free record of Claudia Reyes by 0.5 sec - 27.6. Angelina Harris broke her own 15-18 100 (1:14.1 - 0.4) and 200 breast (2:39.5 -1.23) records set two weekend ago in Maryland. Kyra Sommerstad is becoming a butterflyer too by breaking both 100 and 200 fly records for 15-16 girls. She broke Emily Bardak's 2015 100 fly record by 1.4 sec - 1:04.4 and she broke Julia Smit's 2004 200 fly record by 1.2 sec - 2:25.0.

A-Finalists:  Kyra Sommerstad finished 2nd in 200 IM, 100 and 200 back, Angelina Harris was 3rd in 100 breast and 2nd in 200 breast, David He was 8th in 100 breast, and Luka Zuric, in his last meet competing for TVSC, finished 4th in 100 fly and 6th in 100 breast.

New Sr Zone Cuts:  Sydney Boals (400 IM), Riley Gavigan (100 back), and Jake Vecchio (200 free).

B-Finalists:  Sydney Boals (400 IM), Ryan Kaplan, in his last meet competing for TVSC, (100 back), Kate Summerstad, in her first big meet finales (200 back), Kyra (200 free and 200 fly), Jake Vechhio (100 fly), and Brandan Williams (800 free).

Bouns Finalists:  Sydney Boals, Riley Gavigan, Angelina Harris, Cj Pergan, Kyra, and Brendan Williams.

New 'AAAA' standards:  Kyra Sommerstad (200 free), and Luka Zuric (100 fly).

New 'AAA' standards:  Angelina Harris (2), and Kyra Sommerstad (2).

Chappy's Big Race Invite
Nassau Aquatic Center
October 20-21

TJ Kelly Memorial Fundraiser
Heritage Club

Friday 7 PM
November 23

Ward Melville pool
January 6

TJ Kelly Memorial Joust
(hosted by TVSC)
Ward Melville pool
January 11-13

Metro Silver Championships
(hosted by TVSC)
Ward Melville pool
February 22-24

Nassau Aquatic Center
April 13-14

Jr Summer National

Kyra Sommerstad

Sr Winter National

Jocelyn Fisher
Kyra Sommerstad

Jr Winter National

Jocelyn Fisher
Angelina Harris
Kyra Sommerstad
Mackenzie Thomas
Jake Vecchio
Brendan Williams

NCSA Jr National Qualifiers

Sydney Boals
Jocelyn Fisher
Riley Gavigan
Angelina Harris
Cj Pergan
Henry Shemet
Kyra Sommerstad
Mackenzie Thomas
Jake Vecchio
Brendan Williams

Spring Sectionals

Sydney Boals
Hope Farrell
Jocelyn Fisher
Riley Gavigan
Angelina Harris
AvaGrace Monti
Cj Pergan
Henry Shemet
Kate Sommerstad
Kyra Sommerstad
Mackenzie Thomas
Jake Vecchio
Brendan Williams

2018 Eastern Zone LC Age Group Championships Qualifiers

Kathryn Brady
Hope Farrel
Emily Herr
Nick Londono
AvaGrace Monti
Lila Monte
Liam Preston
Anthony Scalia
Olivia Schlegel
Ryan Sommerstad
Jackie Vinciguerra
Vinny Vinciguerra
Kevin Xu

2016 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Tom Luchsinger

2012 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

TVSC alumni:
Tom Luchsinger
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Tom Luchsinger

TVSC alumni:
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Team Member

TVSC alumna:
Julia Smit

2004 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Julia Smit
Mark Hill

2000 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Chris Helin